Oxygen - why you should try?


We’ve all experienced the painful effects of a hangover. A hangover is the physical mark of alcohol’s effect on your brain. Alcohol constricts the blood vessels in your brain, causing your brain to synthesize oxygen less efficiently. As the alcohol wears off, the result of a hangover is felt – the blood vessels expand, causing your crippling headache. With our product as your wingman, you will no longer be constrained to the confines of the couch. Using shots of oxygen from start to finish during your night of hard partying prevents the hangover before it even happens.


Stress and anxiety can cripple the strongest of minds. Vitality Air oxygen allows you to relax, reducing your body’s response to stress and anxiety. Rapid, short breaths transform into slow, full, calming breaths of air. Breathe a rush of our oxygen, and feel the soothing sensation of stress and anxiety melt away from your body, strengthening your mental vitality.

The Winning Difference.

Gaming is a high-intensity sport requiring lightning fast reactions and prolonged concentration. The difference between winning and losing is a matter of quick decisions and awareness. So the question becomes, how do the best succeed? Practice, commitment and using every tool at their disposal. So forget about slamming energy drinks to battle through the fatigue of climbing the leader board.


High endurance sports like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling and running require a continual flow of oxygen to your muscles in order for your body to push itself to peak performance. Supplemental oxygen will fend off cramping & lactic acid build up as you push your body to run the last mile and finish the race. Our lightweight bottle is perfect for sports enthusiasts alike, allowing them to accompany a water bottle for the journey. The one piece lid prevents dust and debris from entering the delivery system, ensuring freshness and purity every time.